Industrial Uniform and Gloves

Industrial Uniforms and Gloves

Industrial laundry, done right!

Industrial uniforms and gloves are reusable items that serve various vital functions. For example,
uniforms make your employees look great, professional, and promote a sense of team spirit.
Similarly, industrial gloves prevent possible injuries, offer protection against chemical burns, and
keep absorption of hazardous substances at bay.
These items tend to get dirty quickly due to frequent use, and freeing up time to get them cleaned
isn’t possible for many business owners. Fortunately, Coreno Laundry is there to make life easy for
you. We offer best-in-class industrial laundry services for various industries, including
agriculture, construction, and healthcare. We’ve been in the business since 2010, and here are a few
reasons that make us your perfect laundry partner.

Take your workers’ productivity to the next level!

Many business owners ask their workers to launder the workwear, which lowers their productivity.
By getting your workers to wash industrial uniforms and gloves, you shift their focus to something that
Coreno can do easily. We have all the required equipment and expertise to hurt the dirt and allow
your workforce to concentrate on the tasks they specialize instead of handling the ones beyond
their strengths, improving your firm’s productivity and efficiency.
Let’s connect to restore your workwear’s past glory.

Get your workwear cleaned at a fraction of cost!

Your business needs to save money to maximize its bottom line. One way to do so is outsourcing
your workwear laundry to someone who can do it efficiently AND affordably, like Corenos.
Handing your laundry tasks to us saves you money in many different ways. For example, it shrinks
your water and electricity bills as you won’t have to run washing machines or dryers. There’ll be no
need for you to buy expensive detergents. And machine maintenance costs will become a thing of
the past.
Save money. Choose us.

Give your uniforms and gloves a superior wash!

Are your washing machines and dryers damaging your workwear, further increasing your business
costs? It’s time to give them an ideal wash with Coreno Laundry. We have perfected the art of
executing glove laundry services on time, every time. Our precise and controlled wash formula
consists of superior equipment, safe settings, ideal water temperature, and high-quality cleaning
agents to rid your items of bacteria and stains, making them look brand new.
Give us a shout to make your laundry woes a thing of the past!

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