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Coreno Laundry & Linen is a leading commercial laundry company

Coreno Laundry & Linen is among the leading commercial laundry companies, offering the best laundry services designed for you. We add brightness to dirty linens at hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, medical facilities, Airbnbs, and short-term rentals at affordable prices, which is why businesses of all types and sizes trust us to get their linens done.

As a business owner, perhaps you are already struggling to maintain the balance between your professional life and familial obligations. The thought of making time available to get your commercial laundry done can fill you with dread. The good news is that CL is there to make life easy for you! We collect, clean, and deliver your laundry giving you time back for other essential things. So, let us know when to pick your dirty bedsheets, towels, napkins, aprons, table covers, etc. We will get to you in a flash to make your linens look clean and bright again.

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The difference between our competitors and us is we do not except every customer. We will not over promise and underdeliver. At Coreno Laundry we pride ourselves on customer service, unbeatable quality, and reliability. For us to ensure all of those things happen, we must make sure our staff is not overstretched, our drivers our not overworked, and our machines have a time to take a break. At Coreno Linens we don’t take every customer, only the customers we believe we can have long lasting and great relationship with. Once we reach our set poundage per month, we will unfortunately not be accepting any new customers. Get in touch with us now to get the conversation started so you don’t miss out on the only Laundry and Linen Service you will ever need!

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Our Mission
Our Mission

To add convenience to our clients’ lives by providing superior commercial laundry service. To revolutionize the commercial laundry industry by pairing the latest equipment with safe chemicals that add brightness to your linens without diminishing their quality.

Our Vision
Our Vision

To become the go-to commercial laundry company through quick, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. While the competition is fierce, we don’t find it intimidating at all. Instead, it motivates us to reach the pinnacle of all that we do, which is why we firmly believe that our dream will soon become a reality.

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    Customer First

    We treat your linens as if they were our own. You can be sure that you will get a high-quality service at a fair price with us because we value your happiness more than big profits.

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    We believe that a company’s amount of success relies on its level of integrity. The higher the integrity, the more the success. Therefore, we maintain complete honesty in our relationships with clients, strategic partners, suppliers, staff, etc., and our rich portfolio is an excellent example of that.

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    CL values professionalism more than anything else. Hence, we have a thorough screening process to ensure only the best-trained laundry workers join our crew, providing you with the best laundry service.