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Get quality, reliable service that caters to your companies needs! Business is tough enough with out having to worry about laundry and linen service. Leave the dirty sheets to us! Don't forget to ask about our NO-CONTRACT service!
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We are a leading commercial laundry service provider.

Our crew of laundry pros have experience in adding a soft scent of freshness to grubby linens in a fast, reliable, and affordable manner. Whether you are a newly formed firm or a renowned corporation that deals with a ton of laundry regularly, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver quality results on time, every time. Hence, if you need the best laundry service provider to restore your stained items’ past glory, look no further.

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Add Shine To Your Dirty Laundry With Us.
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    Preserved Fabric Quality

    At CL, there is no one size fits all solution. Our experts understand different fabrics and wash each fabric in a proper environment using high-quality soaps/detergents to preserve its quality. You can be sure that your items will return unscathed to you.

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    Quick Service

    Time is money in the corporate world. Therefore, the sooner you receive your linens back, the more beneficial it is for your company. At Coreno Laundry, we offer fast and reliable deliveries to keep your business running smoothly, even if you have a ton of items for us.

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    Clean Surrounding

    As the best commercial laundry service, we understand clean surroundings are a must to give your laundry a facelift. Hence, we take all possible measures to keep our place free of dirt, dust, and any other materials that could compromise the quality of our work.


''Coreno laundry is the only linen service we use.''
Sara Grant Chief Executive
''Coreno Laundry has simplified the laundry process at our hotel, and made it possible for us to focus on other areas.''
Luke Jacobs Marketing Manager
Our Staff
''Great quality, and always there when we need them.''
Claire Olson Financial Manager
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